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Senior Discounts

One of the upsides (and they are few) of getting old(er) is getting discounts at various places. Amazingly, some of the discounts are offered to folks as young as 50! Any money saved on one dinner out or at an attraction is money saved for more fun so everyone should be paying attention . . . → Read More: Senior Discounts

Museums That Will Make You Mad!

Museums are wonderful places to go to learn about things you have never heard about and things you have heard of but never seen. They show us both our past and our future. Whether it is a full blown modern building, a shack in some small town, or even just a historical marker . . . → Read More: Museums That Will Make You Mad!

National Park Free Admission 2016

If you are looking for a cheap way to visit some of our more expensive national parks, here is the list of several days this year when they will be offering free admission. Plan now for a fun time with family or friends!

January 18: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

April 16-24: . . . → Read More: National Park Free Admission 2016

High Altitude Sickness and RVers

Having lived at sea level most of my life, I am very familiar with high altitude sickness. For awhile, I had an issue living at just 3000 feet up but that passed after some time and a short break/trip back to sea level. Now I’m good to around 7500 feet. No, I won’t . . . → Read More: High Altitude Sickness and RVers