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RVing Singles GTG – Walterboro, SC

I belong to a group for single RVers to talk and enjoy each other’s company without spouses getting uptight or anyone looking for a date. It is not a dating group. We have a chatroom and MSN group online where we exchange info, issues, and solutions about RVing alone. Now and then someone . . . → Read More: RVing Singles GTG – Walterboro, SC

Ocmulgee National Monument – Macon, GA

Another day I went to see the Ocmulgee National Monument. Here, the Creek Indians once made their home hundreds of years ago. They used earthen mounds for their earth lodge where it is believed meetings were held, for their temple (no structure on top now)which is still holy ground to Indians today, and . . . → Read More: Ocmulgee National Monument – Macon, GA

Andersonville, GA

I couldn’t stand being so close to the Andersonville Confederate war prison site without checking it out. While the structures were gone long ago, archaeologists have mapped out the site and partial replicas and markers are in place to show a taste of it. The National Prisoners of War museum there fills in . . . → Read More: Andersonville, GA

Fried Green Tomatoes – Juliette, GA

Yep. I found the town where the movie was shot and the actual Whistle Stop Cafe. The Rally was offering a tour which did not fit into my schedule so I drove up to Juliette on my own. It is a very tiny spot in the road next to several train tracks. While . . . → Read More: Fried Green Tomatoes – Juliette, GA